Threat Taming Tools Collection (T3C)

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The Threat Taming Tools Collection (T3C) is an extensive compilation of 300 resources tailored for cybersecurity professionals, researchers, and organizations. It includes threat intelligence feeds, tools, platforms, research reports, standards, and formats, many of which are free and open-sourced. T3C is a comprehensive repository for enhancing cybersecurity defenses, staying updated on the latest threats, and adopting industry best practices.

T3C is an invaluable resource, offering many tools and information to help users avoid cyber threats and protect their digital assets. Whether you are an experienced professional or a newcomer, T3C provides the necessary resources to effectively address the digital threat landscape.

You can browse the tools and resources in the T3C below or download it here.

T3C Categories

T3C is organized into several categories to facilitate easy navigation and utilization. Each category represents a different facet of threat intelligence and cybersecurity tools, ensuring you can find the specific resources you need.

Feeds & Sources

Threat intelligence feeds provide data on potential threats, including malicious IP addresses, domains, and other indicators of compromise (IOCs). These feeds are essential for proactive threat detection and response.

Tools & Resources

The tools and resources category includes various software applications and other resources designed to aid in threat detection, analysis, and mitigation. These tools range from malware analysis platforms to network monitoring solutions.

Frameworks & Platforms

Platforms in the T3C collection are comprehensive solutions that integrate multiple tools and services into a cohesive system. These platforms often include dashboards, automated workflows, and reporting capabilities.


Formats are essential for ensuring interoperability and consistency across different tools and platforms. This category includes widely adopted frameworks and data formats for threat intelligence sharing.

Research & Publications

Research reports offer in-depth analysis and insights into current and emerging cyber threats. These reports are invaluable for understanding threat landscapes and informing strategic decisions.