Enhanced Protection

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Know What You Have

ACT KnowWhat YouHave Icon.svg

Create an inventory to know what you need to protect and to identify your risks:

  1. Identify your devices and accounts.
  2. Identify your applications.
  3. Identify your risks.
Update Your Defenses

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Boost your digital immunity against threats by updating your systems regularly:

  1. Update your devices and applications.
  2. Encrypt your data.
  3. Secure your websites.
Beyond Simple Passwords

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Level up your password game to protect your devices and accounts:

  1. Use strong passwords.
  2. Setup 2FA.
  3. Manage your passwords.
Prevent Phishing & Malware

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Stop malware and phishing attacks in their tracks to avoid loss of funds and data, expensive recovery costs, and damage to your reputation:

  1. Install Anti-Virus Software.
  2. Install an Ad Blocker.
  3. Use DNS Security.
Backup & Recover

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Say NO to Ransomware gangs and scammers that lock your data and demand payment:

  1. Setup backups for your important data.
  2. Learn how to restore your data.
  3. Encrypt your backups.
Protect Your Email & Reputation

ACT Protect Email Reputation Icon.svg

Protect your reputation and secure your e-mail against those who mean you harm:

  1. Setup junk mail filtering.
  2. Protect your social media accounts.
  3. Consider identity, credit, and title monitoring.