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Contact us if you or your organization can provide support based on our needs below.

Demand Generation Support

  • Reposting and cross-posting social media messages related to ACT announcements originated by GCA or your organization.
  • Featuring ACT in:
    • social media posts, videos, podcasts, newsletters, or periodicals produced by you or your organization.
    • community-specific meetups or other types of events.
    • community-specific websites.

Community Management Support

  • Assisting with development and maintenance of controlled vocabularies that includes defining:
    • protection needs of high-risk community members.
    • community-friendly search and navigation terms.
  • Assisting with planning, conducting, and recruiting community members to participate in focus groups to improve usability.
  • Moderation of discussion about a community and it’s protection needs within the Wiki.

Tool Collection & Maintenance Support

  • Claiming ownership of Wiki pages containing information about tools delivered by you or your organization.
  • Creating initial Wiki pages if those tools are not currently included in ACT.
  • Canvassing websites to build publicly available lists of cybersecurity tools, services, volunteer and commercial service providers, social media influencers, LinkedIn groups, YouTube channels, podcasts, and other resources.
  • Tagging tools with general, community-specific, and cybersecurity control framework labels to facilitate search and navigation.
  • Moderation of discussion about tools within the Wiki.

Financial Support for Enhancement & Evolution of ACT

  • Content Editing Capacity (Staff)
  • Automated Content Quality Monitoring & Management (Staff + Infrastructure + Services)
  • Automated Tool Tagging (Staff + Infrastructure + Services)
  • Natural language searching (Staff + Infrastructure + Services)
  • Basic accessibility features for ACT (Staff + Testing Tools or Services)
  • Advanced accessibility features for ACT:
    • Text-to-Speech (Staff + Infrastructure)
    • Language Translation (Translation Services)
  • API access for ACT (Staff + Infrastructure)

Community-Focused Efforts

  • Portal pages (Staff)
  • Paid promotional campaigns (Staff + Campaign Costs)