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This resource, titled Forcepoint Insider Threat, offers unrivaled visibility into user behavior to detect threats from within an organization. The main purpose of this resource is to provide a comprehensive solution for identifying and mitigating insider threats.

The tool allows users to collect behavioral data from various channels such as web, file operations, keyboards, and email. This data collection enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of user activities and identify any suspicious or malicious behavior.

The resource also features a powerful dashboard specifically designed for analysts. This dashboard allows analysts to explore the collected data and extract meaningful insights. By providing a user-friendly interface and advanced analytical capabilities, the tool aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of threat detection and response.

With Forcepoint Insider Threat, organizations can proactively monitor and analyze user behavior to identify potential insider threats before they cause significant harm. By detecting anomalies and patterns indicative of malicious intent, organizations can take appropriate actions to prevent data breaches, intellectual property theft, or other insider-driven security incidents.

Overall, this resource offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to strengthen their security posture against insider threats. By providing advanced data collection, exploration, and insight capabilities, Forcepoint Insider Threat empowers organizations to better protect their sensitive information and assets from internal risks.

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