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This resource, called Security Tools for Non-Profits, is a curated list of the best security tools and resources available for not-for-profit organizations. It aims to assist these organizations in building a secure environment for their operations. The resource also offers an optional monthly newsletter to keep users updated on the latest additions to the list. The main features of this resource include various tools to aid in risk assessment, intrusion detection, and awareness and education. These tools are designed to help non-profits identify potential security risks and take appropriate measures to mitigate them. Additionally, the resource provides guidance on making cloud environments more secure, recognizing the importance of cloud security in today's digital landscape. One notable inclusion in this resource is the SAFETag Framework, a security auditing framework and evaluation template specifically tailored for advocacy groups. This framework enables non-profits to conduct professional security audits, adapting traditional penetration testing methodologies to suit their unique needs. Overall, Security Tools for Non-Profits offers a comprehensive collection of security resources and tools to support not-for-profit organizations in enhancing their security posture. By utilizing these tools and following the provided guidance, non-profits can better protect their sensitive data and ensure the continuity of their operations.

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