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This resource provides guidance for victims of intimate image abuse, offering step-by-step suggestions on various paths they might consider. The guidelines acknowledge that each victim's circumstances are unique and allow individuals to choose the steps that are most suitable for them. The information provided is thorough and detailed, aiming to empower victims with knowledge and options.

The resource recognizes the sensitive nature of intimate image abuse and the need for victims to make informed decisions about their next steps. It offers a range of options, allowing victims to decide which actions they are comfortable taking. Whether victims choose to follow all the steps or only a few, the resource aims to provide support and guidance throughout the process.

The guidance provided in this resource covers a wide range of topics related to intimate image abuse. It includes information on legal resources, such as a roster of attorneys, state laws, and international resources. Additionally, it addresses the issue of sextortion scams, providing insights and advice on dealing with such situations.

Overall, this resource serves as a comprehensive tool for victims of intimate image abuse, offering them valuable information and guidance to help them navigate their unique circumstances. By providing step-by-step suggestions and a range of options, it aims to empower victims and assist them in making informed decisions about their next steps.

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