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Getting Started with ACT: Actionable Cybersecurity Tools

This guide will help you navigate the ACT website, a resource designed to empower individuals and communities with effective cybersecurity solutions.

What is ACT?

ACT stands for Actionable Cybersecurity Tools. It's an initiative by the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) focused on providing a means of locating cybersecurity tools and resources, regardless of technical expertise.

Who is ACT For?

ACT caters to a broad audience, including:

  • Individuals, families, and organizations seeking to protect themselves online, especially those who identify with a high-risk community
  • Government organizations, especially those that may be smaller or heavily resource-constrained
  • Anyone or any organization who has become a victim of a cybercrime, social unrest, a natural disaster, or an armed conflict
  • Cybersecurity practitioners

ACT Home Page

The ACT website is user-friendly and offers several ways to find the information you need:


The homepage provides quick access to:

  • Anyone who needs guidance on basic cybersecurity protection through Everyday Cybersecurity
  • High-Risk Community Members to Find Tools & Resources specific to their needs
  • Cybercrime Victims by providing a link to reporting resources

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu to the left allows you to explore different sections of the site from any page.

Search Box

The search box lets you look for specific cybersecurity tools or topics from any page.

Finding Cybersecurity Tools

ACT Wiki

A core component of ACT is the community-friendly cybersecurity tools wiki. This wiki categorizes cybersecurity resources based on community-specific needs, making it easy for community members to find relevant tools for communities as diverse as parents, businesses, journalists, etc. The entry point into this wiki is Find Your Community.

High-Risk Community Pages

Communities typically categorized as having inherently high-risk characteristics also feature a community-specific page describing high-level protection needs and approaches; a navigation hierarchy leading to relevant tools and resources is also included on each such page.

Search Box

A search box is included below the main left-hand navigation menu accessible from every page in the site. You can use this search box to enter needs, cybersecurity terms, or even specific tool names to find relevant tools, resources, and categories that may contain multiple applicable tools or resources.